Summer 2017 Part 2 "Portrait of an Artist as an Old Woman"

Photos by Lauren

There is something to be said with growing older. Definitely growing wiser isn't one of them... well it isn't guaranteed. I discovered, albeit a little late it life, it is more fun to enjoy creating than worrying about fashion as an enterprise. Fashion as it stands today does little more for the world than legitimize itself by making itself "relevant" with forecasts and trends etc... which is just malarkey. There might be a trend but it isn't a seasonal thing, more of a 8-15 year projection of taste, which is harder to predict than what Bob Dylan will do in 24 hours.

Anyways, price is always a topic of importance in apparel. I always calculate simply by fabric + construction. Fabric is a difficult source, well good fabric is... which is why I prefer new-old and just old fabric. Whether used or not makes no difference to me. I just like to work with beautiful stuff. I like bedding and fabrics, not typically used outside of ethnic dress. Summer is especially difficult as most fabrics are not durable enough to wear everyday and if they are they are not breathable. 

This year I decided to do a mix of 80's bed sheets and yukata fabric. 80's bed sheets always reminded me for the most part of Hawaiian shirts. Yukata are one of my all-time favorite fabrics to work with. They are usually a nice muslin with a stencil resist dyed print on the top, usually indigo and white. The narrow widths are a bit tricky to work with but they look and feel so great once turned into a shirt. 

This is just an example. Combing two different patterns creates a really nice texture. Therefor I named this piece "You-Gotta" shirt. Cause like a magic trick Alakazam! Poof! You got it? 

All jokes (bad jokes) aside this shirt is seriously comfortable, it's like wearing a yukata in a hotel room in Japan, relaxing! The colors are simple and detailed enough to work with just about any look. 

This is oversized but I am sure you get the idea. You might be thinking it is a baseball jersey... but you'd be wrong. It is originally from an old Boy Scout uniform. Cause you know sometimes girls are scouting for boys... teehehehe 

The other shirt here is from 80's bed sheets. These had the Hawaiian shirt feeling I was just talking about a second ago. The cotton/poly muslin is durable and comfortable, and well it just made the perfect Hawaiian shirt. My grandsons are quite handy with naming things so they aptly named it the "Salacious Coke Dealer" shirt. They said somebody might catch the reference. 

As you can see from the pics either shirt works either over-sized or follow the general sizing so don't be hesitant to buy one too big. I am sure it will work with your style!

Let me get back to my main point here, for apparel being cheap and expensive it hard to be a small brand like ours to place our self in the market. Depending on who you ask and what books you read the prices are higher or lower... it just serves to confuse in general. All the summer items this year have pricing in accordance with the fabric. Some of the bed sheets we found dead-stock and of course cost more than used ones. The you-gotta shirts are the same deal, a few of the fabrics were very limited and those will be reflected in the price. 

Everything is going to be on the web-store soon such just hold tight, or just prance your fingers over and send me a mail.