Summer 2017 Part 1 "Unisex and the Bees"

It's kind of old fashioned really these days to talk about "the birds and the bees". Actually it's embarrassing. People are naturally informed of such things through a barrage of constant distraction media. 

Photos by Lauren

Weird thing is- people are still uncomfortable with unisex clothing. I have no idea why men have issues with floral prints and women have issues with large silhouettes. Women and men seem to manage it just fine in movies... sorry drifting off again into a larger discussion for another time. Our items are intentionally gender free. Why? Simple, because clothing doesn't have sex organs. They can't have a gender. 

Which is why I like quilts, bedding, and Japanese fabrics. The colors are generally acceptable and the florals are subtle and quaint enough for most men and women to say "okay I could wear this comfortably" but at the same time "damn people are going to notice this". I like garments that can pretty much go anywhere in modern society. Maybe my perception of what is acceptable is a bit extreme but why can't these quilt bombers make their way to an office? Well, I guess that I will leave up to my audience to act upon. 

For this summer and it being our first collection we've gone all out and done some photography. First thing you'll notice in this episode is the lack of male models. This is to open the doors, if you will, to my simple vision of unisex. So for this round a little inspiration from 80's manga, bubble gum, and ice cream parlors.  


There's something going on here. Confidence with a youthful play on colors... cause really our bodies can get old but our colors shouldn't. Plus there's nothing cooler than ice cream and quilts. Maybe you didn't know this or not, but we never use size tags. I got tired of vanity long ago, so our zipper colors are basically our stealthy way of saying this is a large, medium, extra small etc. It is pretty clever I know... but it was to remove that idiotic lettering from our items. Thats why we don't really carry a stock of items. We want to make one for you. Open a new line of communication, create a partnership, and make connections. 

These two ladies really make my creations come alive. It is one thing to look at a finished product in a picture it is a totally different beast when someone is wearing it. Some might even see quilt jackets as silly but I would have a hard time finding it behind this incredible wall of elegance.

BGFM - June 2017-142.jpg

It is really interesting how the colors on these quilts just translates so well to a camera. The texture and subtitles really emerge from the simple design and the whole piece becomes an organic structure. Kind of like Michael's art. And then there is that whole realm of sass and sassiness here...