Sutures for the Future

What does the future hold? The best and pretty much only answer for myself is "Endless Possibility". Designing for the future is a difficult endeavor. Some may even consider it futile...

Currently most people design for the "next season". I prefer to design for a concept that feels far away. I spend a lot of time meditating and putting a collage of ideas together in my mind, it takes a considerable amount of time but once they come together like a puzzle, I can see the image clearly. For me the really important part of making clothes is making art at the same time.

Our current collection will be slowly released while simultaneously developed, and is conceptualized around; Fashion. Play. Art. Our items come from the heart. Thought-out and developed considering people who came before us and who will come after us to create wholesome heartfelt items that leave less waste and are more interesting, and beautiful.

One thing will not happen... release a new item and then turn around the next day and release something new again. Long term satisfaction is what we are after, pulling from the past (old fabrics, quilts etc) and creating for what "feels right". I hope to change the current "throw-away" mood in fashion, and create and sell items that people will want to wear, not just buy and show off but something unique to an individual. Something like the facets of your past and your family that you can't change that makes you a unique individual. 

Grandma would really love it if when we all leave this planet we all left it a little better than when we arrived. That is my promise to you. That the products we produce will be important, practical, funny, heartfelt, and made for our family. We hope you join our family, cause we are on the starship of the future!