👘 Emoji of a Kimono-Shirt 👘

I love Japanese traditional fashion. It is a fascinating subject. Fabrics and textiles are usually silk, wool, cotton or blends of those, synthetics are even used today, but techniques to make a kimono have not really changed. Kimono are traditionally made from one bolt of fabric and not a single scrap is wasted and hand sewn. For our newest item we came up with a simple, comfy, functional: 👘-Shirt.


Emoji of Kimono Shirt

Using dead-stock Japanese fabric that was originally intended for kimono we have devised a sort of in-between species of shirt here. The reason for the Emoji is that this is modern design. We used sewing machines here, these aren't hand-sewn (that would take forever), but they are carefully designed and no two are alike. We have combined a sort of monks work clothes same with a longer hem on it, and slightly slimmer sleeves. The ties are from old silk fabric that contrast each pieces differently. In an effort to keep this out of the realm of fashion but make them stylish we have made them in an assortment of fabrics and colors. There is a little humor, mixed with pizzazz, haberdashery mixed with wackydashery. It is about as serious as an Emoji of Kimono in essence, and they are made to be worn with a sense of humor and swagger. 

Summer in California is not as oppressive as the midwest. You can shoulder a light shirt over a tee comfortably. It gets cool at night so its convenient to keep it close at-hand. This shirt is designed for summer, but could easily be layered up during winter. 

"The Emoji" as my grandson likes to call it, is available in any of our antique quilts that are listed on the site and some rare one-offs will be available in the webshop.